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Realify PaperOffice Edition
Available in 4 different editions
Realify PaperOffice™ DMS is available in 4 different editions, from the smallest Starter Edition to the biggest Corporate Edition.
The Corporate Edition can also be adapted as an individual industry solution extensively. Should certain processes or features may not be realized with the built-in functions or modules, so Realify PaperOffice™ DMS Corporate can be almost unlimited changed by any source code to a maximum and prepared instantly to your own Realify PaperOffice™ DMS on Corporate basis.
Immediately ready for use
All editions can be used immediately after installation, can be put into production and have a pre-demo database with extensive category structure.

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Comprehensive Scanner tool for capturing paper documents from almost any type of scanner (ScanConnect)
PDF printer for convenient storage over printing from any Windows application (PrinterConnect)
Integration in Windows Explorer to import files easily via the context menu (ExplorerConnect)
FileOCR-lite OCR text recognition for perfect text recognition and high-performance search index creation (FileOCR)
Full document and structure import from third-party applications such as Nuance PaperPort (ImportConnect)
Fast live keyword search searches all documents in real-time (Live keyword search)
7 different archive views for the perfect order and clear representation (Display manager)
Extensive indexing, categorization, notes, document date (Virtual document folders- basic)
3 different object and document folder previews with patented FlipView technology (Document folder preview)
Secure Data Storage on local hard drive, network or removable media such as USB sticks (MDB data storage)
Secure AES128bit data encryption provides security against unauthorized access and insight (AES encryption)
Fast and central quick import of documents without check them immediately in archive (storage tray)
Up to 200 main and subcategories can be created individually, managed and marked visually (Category Management)
Document folders can be assigned to 2 freely adjustable document folder types and then filtered and displayed according to them (Document folder type)
Document folders can be provided and displayed with symbols, icons, labels and self-created icons
Existing folder structures can be completely imported with automatic category creation (ImportConnect)
Document folders can be provided with statuses, which later can be filtered (Document folder state)
The Live-keyword search is executed even faster by indexing (High-performance storage for full-text search)
The database is compressed, this can be done optionally manually or automatically in intervals (automatic compression)
Lifetime: Regular free software updates and program enhancements as well as free support services (USP)
Unlimited networking capabilities up to 25 users and manage user rights (network and teamwork)
Document folders can be set to users with time and work instructions (completion option)
OCR Text Recognition with industry dictionaries and display as a searchable PDF, Word and text file (FileOCRmax™)
The location of the original of the document can be deposited, then it can be searched or filtered (Original Storage Location Management)
Freely definable input and display fields can be added and used (Custom Fields Management)
Document folders can be placed on re-submission and linked to addresses (Scheduling and contact management)
AES-256bit encryption and optional document folder protection with a password (Password protection and AES encryption)
Documents can be imported automatically tagged from monitored folders (XML Directory Monitoring)
Documents can be filtered and searched extensively, and these searches can be saved (Advanced Search)
Connection to the calendar and contacts of Outlook, as well as the integration of Office in real time (Outlook Connect & OfficeConnect)
Auditable SQL data storage according to Security and legally compliant storage (SQL data storage)
Auditable SQL versioning in accordance with unlimited integrated version control (SQL Auditable versioning)
Direct SQL document storage at the binary level in an unlimited number of archives (SQL data storage & archive management)
Unlimited network-capability up to 400 users and advanced management of user rights (network and teamwork)
Uncrackable AES-512bit encryption with invisible document storage at the file level (Stealth & Secure)
Free customizing of user interface and full integration with existing systems and data (custom forms)
Document folders can be predefined with own forms and outputted via own reports (Form Designer)
High performance remote networking of an unlimited number of locations and external database storage (RSPS technology)
Full security against failure and availability through a limited number of internal and external replication and backup databases
Lifetime & free: Program updates and improvements, enhanced support via phone and remote maintenance (USP Plus)
Corporate with industry adjustment
Full analysis of your current existing infrastructure, the current workflow and determining of the ideal scenario
Detailed individual planning and definition of the ideal reproduction in the Realify PaperOffice™ DMS Corporate Industry Solution
Installation, configuration and initial operation of Realify PaperOffice™ DMS at any desired workplace
Reproduction and handover of planning guidelines to Realify PaperOffice™ DMS including user and rights adjustments
Global adjustment and optimization of the ideal category and archive structures based on the specified planning data
Customization and creation of custom forms and reports for workflow integration
Customization and creation of custom fields and other required optional adjustments
Import and migration of existing documents and data in Realify PaperOffice™ DMS as well as integration with ERP or WaWi systems
First steps, function explanation, determination of workflows and general introduction to the work with Realify PaperOffice™ DMS
Detailed debriefing by clarification of questions and answers, technical review and subsequent adjustments
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