Our vision:

To make PaperOffice to the best program with a perfect price-performance balance. And everything highly secure without cloud storage.
From private users to global corporations.
High-tech and security should not be a privilege.
Our core values
Welcome to the world as it should be:
Personal, transparent, open and friendly
Individuality is our strength
Because none of our performed services equals the previous one and even the individual process steps in preparation and implementation are continuously questioned:
Not just finished - but perfect.

This attitude will always remain contant.
Even after 17 years of market experience.
With our aim to give shape to innovations you determine our path of development
You will be a part of it, because without your help, our current PaperOffice would be nothing more than an Atari game.
With continuous innovation, novelties and outstanding ideas we always move ahead of the current market situation.

We question everything again and again. Because nothing lasts forever. Develop. Optimize. Improve. Integrate.
We think in solutions in definitive, not in provisional
Our team works for you. No matter what you need.

Modern. Innovative. Creative.

We provide the experience.
For your solution.
We put ourselves in your position and solve this with professional care
If the small problem of Monday has turned into a big one by Friday.

And others think a solution is impossible.

We will help. Guaranteed.
At the highest level. Manufacturer know-how included.
Experience the perfect symbiosis of price and performance.
You will not find anything comparable on the market, from design to procurement and TCO.
Or would you buy a car that costs only 100 € but consumes 30 liters of fuel - and even looks ugly?
A perfect solution at an optimal price puts you in the position to use a high-end solution even with low budgets
Our high-performance and audit-proof versions with the use of mySQL are already available at a fraction of the usual market costs and offer you outstanding features that only provide solutions in the 4-digit range.

PaperOffice is a fair product at a fair price - and it should be. Everywhere.
Rental options give you full flexibility and no capital commitment
Of course, the money is not on the street and although you could save by the use of PaperOffice far more cost, the cat turns in a circle.
Through our own rental options, we offer you the opportunity to use PaperOffice for a low usage fee in the ideal constellation - the circle is broken. And as a direct manufacturer, of course, without any banks, information or leasing companies.
Scalable support options offer you the option of determining the scope of service - up to full insurance
Do you order a large 3-course menu if you are not hungry?
That's why the PaperOffice support options are absolutely scalable and only you decide how much you want to use - and that moves as you choose between nothing and everything.
Full program customization without developer gives you the ability to constantly customize PaperOffice to your needs
"A really good idea can be recognized by the fact that their realization seems excluded from the outset"
1921, Albert Einstein

Because only you recognize and see work processes, which are to be optimized - and no other.
Thanks to the PaperOffice API interface as well as the support and integration of user-defined fields, you can implement your ideas in an instant in PaperOffice, without developers, without external help - and the benefits are immediate.
Highest innovation rate: Our PaperOffice adapts to you.
Any idea is a good idea, because you work with PaperOffice - not our developers.
And you're in the spotlight, because without his user experience, PaperOffice would not be as perfect as it is today.
Your ideas are the fuel for our development
And nobody offers you that:

Only in the current version more than 95% of all customer requests have been integrated. PaperOffice optimizes itself through your suggestions.

Nobody reacts so quickly to your ideas.
More new features we integrate in our intermediate updates than other manufacturers at full version jumps
And all this during the current version:
Because what brings you a good idea, if this is available for a fee only in 2 years anyway?
So PaperOffice receives on average per interface release over 60 new features - for free.

What others praise as a new version is an interim update for us.
PublicCustomizing: New program features out of specific PaperOffice Customizing
As soon as PaperOffice receives specific skills, functions or interfaces on behalf of the customer, the development estimates whether these are features that should in principle be available in PaperOffice. In the positive case, our development takes over a large part of the effective costs in order to implement them firmly in PaperOffice.

Optimal: making the best solutions accessible to all.
Our individual product adjustments merge seamlessly with your existing infrastructure
And should you miss a certain function, workflow solution, interface or something very special, PaperOffice can be adapted quickly and flexibly to your exact requirements and specifications. Of course, the PaperOffice interface can be integrated directly into other applications.

Tailored and perfect: PaperOffice Custom.
Born in Germany.
At home in Europe.
Confidence in the whole world.
Learn the whole story.
It all started as an idea out of necessity
Year 2002
The few solutions on the market are prohibitively expensive and simply bad
Do it yourself:

What emerged as an idea out of necessity becomes the original PaperOffice in the year 2002

Based on a Microsoft Access database the very first PaperOffice is created and offered as freeware.

PaperOffice is born in the cosmopolitan metropolis Harsewinkel (near Gütersloh in the friendly East Westphalia).
Visit the combine harvester city on the Internet
That's not really planned...
Year 2007
Whopping 9,99 Euros
This is the first selling price for full version PaperOffice 2.
And users love PaperOffice:

It combines all the required functions at an unprecedented price.

More and more working hours go into PaperOffice purely, which was originally developed only as a stand-alone solution.

PaperOffice Version 2 is the first commercial release and is now claiming a full-time job
From now on only PaperOffice: Thanks to the Computerbild
Year 2009
Our founder Daniel Schönland puts everything on one card: What began as a hobby is now becoming a core business.
The regional and still in Harsewinkel based advertising and web agency "Schönland X-Media" is changing to the software manufacturer:

PaperOffice receives a completely new design, adapted to Microsoft Office 2007.

The first international sale takes place and PaperOffice gets the first English language interface.

With 4 employees and a puppy:
Schönland X-Media becomes Realify Systems limited.
PaperOffice owes its success to Computerbild and its outstanding work.
Computerbild believes in PaperOffice and for the first time presses the "PaperOffice CBE" onto the booklet CD:

Together with an excellent workshop, the readers get to know PaperOffice and are thrilled.
PaperOffice's success does not like the other monopolists
Year 2012
Due to the previous immense success, PaperOffice 2012 will be launched immediately in cooperation with the German, Polish and Russian Computerbild
Due to the resulting success, PaperOffice is now regarded by the German top dogs in the DMS sector as a serious threat:

The small meanwhile 12-headed PaperOffice team is almost daily bombarded with lawyer letters, warnings and negative Internet sentiment for fictional reasons.

In particular, DMS vendors with less than 4 letters in the product name find the idea of the highly professional DMS system PaperOffice at an affordable price not at all funny and see their million-dollar maintenance contracts crumble.

PaperOffice will be the target of all providers who proudly represent the German IT document mafia and must adhere to the agreed pricing policy or "close down"
PaperOffice again owes its success to the breakthrough success of Computerbild, and this time also in Eastern Europe through the appearance in the computer image of Poland and Russia
There is a new 2011 PaperOffice CBE version and an extensive 6-page workshop

PaperOffice is now established among the readers and reaches unprecedented numbers of users.

More than 150,000 delivered PaperOffice "Computerbild-Edition" licenses are breaking all records
Departure into a new era
Year 2013
The multilingual PaperOffice "Stealth" is in the starting blocks and will be delivered to selected users.
The PaperOffice team has completed the ultimate system with the completely newly developed PaperOffice and thus laid the foundation for all upcoming new versions:

The new PaperOffice is the world's first and only DMS software with unprecedented functionality. Among other things, this version not only has its own integrated cloud server, but also a complete fax and email solution.

PaperOffice will be future-proofed for D-A-CH and the European market through a decentralized expert network.
We can do what Apple can do
Year 2015
And as Apple needed its Steve Jobs, PaperOffice needed its own "Steve Jobs" back:

Our Founder Daniel Schönland
And the instruction that came was radical:

Everything new. Everything better again. Everything as it used to be.

In just one day it was decided that the current PaperOffice version 2015 will be the last of its kind (and with the unchanged VB6 core from 2002).

At the same time, the PaperOffice team worked out the plans for a brand new PaperOffice based on the experience of PaperOffice Stealth and the cumulative knowledge gained over 13 years in the field and in the field.

16 years of experience in document management: PaperOffice One and PaperOffice Team appear on the drawing board for the first time.
"Yes, that's how I imagined it in 2002 - what are 16 years already?"
Year 2018
The completely redeveloped PaperOffice is finished and combines for the first time in 16 years ALL available technologies in only one PaperOffice software.
"Everything for everyone." - that was the task. And exactly that was realized. State-of-the-art technologies such as Node.js and the V8 Engine bring high-tech to everyone.

Gone are the days where high-performance SQL databases had to be painstakingly installed and set up. The new PaperOffice is the first version which can be used out-of-the-box without the hassle of administration.

It's done: PaperOffice One and PaperOffice Team set the bar to an unprecedented level.
You like our idea? Join us on our road to success!
Year 2019/2020 and the future
You think that our team can sit back now? Far missed! Now it really starts - upcoming highlights for 2019/2020:
  • Mobile apps for iOS and Android
  • Intelligent document recognition in PaperOffice for Windows
  • Automatic and rule-based workflow control

From Harsewinkel to Europe in 17 years.
Share our dream and become a part of it.
As a user, partner or simply with best wishes.
We are the creators. We are PaperOffice. We are you.
Born in Harsewinkel 2002
Founded in Westphalia 2007
Grown in Europe in 2018
Europe-wide employees and partners: 173+ +1 dog (yes, the puppy from 2009)
Worldwide created licenses: 900K +
Motivation: 100%
That you have taken the time to read our story.
The entire PaperOffice Team would like to thank you and appreciate it very much.
Seek advice
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A consultant shows you our PaperOffice 2019/2020 optional on your PC or on a pre-configured demo system - conveniently via the internet.
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