4 different editions for every application area
PaperOffice is available in 4 different versions, grows seamlessly with you or your company and can therefore be integrated into any application or task.

Immediately ready for use
All editions can be used immediately after installation, and can be put into production.

Controlled by serial number
All editions activate or disable various functions on the basis of the set serial number. In case of an upgrade, nothing needs to be reinstalled.

Industry and adaptability
The Corporate Edition can be tailored to your own requirements almost unlimited and perfectly adapted to business processes.

Centralize & OrganizeStarter
Virtual documents

Virtual documents are the central storage elements in PaperOffice and are stored in folders that act as a collection container for your documents.

You can put virtually any content, such as paper documents, in a virtual folder, insert files or digital pictures. Virtual folders are similar to standard hanging folders or familiar Windows folders. Subsequently, the documents can be extensively provided with various properties, linked with contacts, put on resubmission, and provided with user rights.

The documents are collected, sorted and stored in a digital central database, which is optionally located on your local PC, server or NAS drive.

Virtual documents
(Basic properties)

In basic properties of the virtual documents, freely selectable document names can be entered and additional dates, such as "Date on the document", "Inbox or resubmission date" can be defined. This will allow you to limit your search to specific document properties, such as dates, later.

In addition, additional document comments can be entered or the document content can be described.

Virtual documents

You can prioritize documents to indicate that the document has an importance level from "low" to "high." In addition, the document status can be specified, this can be assigned a color, which appears in the document list.

Keywords, document types and original locations can also be stored.

Virtual documents
(Custom forms)

The custom forms allow maximum customization of the virtual documents. So you can add quite a lot different custom fields.

You can determine which types of documents are displayed and see how many documents use one or the other custom fields.

With the Form Designer, new forms are quickly recreated and integrated directly into the document if desired.

Virtual document folders
(Object management)

All documents that belong to each other and should not be linked together by a folder, such as those that are related to a business transaction (Request A123, Offer A123, Invoice A123, Reversal A123, etc.) can be linked in document folders.

Each added document is displayed and listed directly as a preview image.

New documents can be quickly retrieved from e.g. Scanner, disk or network, added via drag & drop and connected to a document folder.

Virtual documents
(Safety | Release level)

In addition, you can specify explicitly which release level one or the other document has. Users below this release will not see the document.

Virtual documents
(Contacts | Addresses)

Virtual documents can be linked to contacts or addresses for later filtering directly from Contact Management.

To which customer do you have which documents?

Just go to the contact management and select the contact to see all the documents associated with the contact.

Furthermore, individual comments can be deposited to each linked document. In conjunction with the OutlookLiveConnect even existing Outlook contacts can be linked.

Capture & SaveStarter

PrinterConnect is a virtual printer, which is automatically installed by PaperOffice to store information from any application.

By a simple command „Print on PaperOffice“ the printed document will be directly converted in a PDF/A for long-term archiving and stored directly in PaperOffice.

PrinterConnect works with any commercial software together.


This is the central tool to scan paper documents or read image files directly from the hard disk as virtual scan.

Optionally enable scanning options such as ADF or Duplex if your scanner does not automatically enable them.

Then you can choose what to do after scanning, such as Separation: White separation sheets are searched and the documents are separated into individual parts.

ScanConnect supports virtually all commercially available scanners, duplex scanning, as well as the automatic document feeder.


With ScreenCapture you can create screenshots at the push of a button and save them directly in PaperOffice.

Screen printing from SAP or online banking? No problem. Simpler pressure on the print button creates the desired screen print and passes it to PaperOffice.


OutlookConnect is creating a dynamic live real-time connection to your installed Outlook and gives you connection to informations from PaperOffice to your existing data.

Thus, for example virtual documents are linked to Outlook appointments, which then appear without real-time synchronization in your Outlook calendar.


Office documents can be added from the interface, via drag & drop or directly from Microsoft Office. The added Office documents are then processed with SmartSpell text recognition and stored in highly encrypted form in the PaperOffice database.

FolderConnect directory monitoring

Directory Monitoring lets you monitor Windows directories and Outlook directories and perform predefined actions when new files exist in these directories.

For example, import new files into the folders you specify, which are assigned a specific label and document status.

This offers almost unlimited possibilities to fully automatically record, tag and save files of any kind in PaperOffice.

In addition, and not by default, PaperOffice also provides support for XML control files.


Allows direct editing of documents already stored in PaperOffice or in electronic format without the software required for them.

This allows you to change the order of document pages, to link multiple documents, and to create new ones from individual pages of existing documents.

In addition, the document can then be saved or versioned, printed, emailed, faxed or exported to PDF in seconds as a new document.

Pages of different documents can be easily linked together.

Menu items via Tray Icon

You would like to quickly scan, import, take a screenshot or archive a website? No problem, with just one click with the right mouse button, the main functions are a click away.


With ImportConnect you can import quickly and safely external data stores in the PaperOffice database.

Various import sources are available, which are constantly expanding.

You organize so far all documents in many directories or some other software? ImportConnect helps you to read large volums of data automatically. Thanks to the IntelliMode all data are already checked during the import process for consistency and validity.

Furthermore, you can e.g. import your file system directory structure alone or with the documents inside documents.

To start the mass importer, first select the folder where you want to import one or the other and right-click to open the context menu. Then select "Bulk import to this folder"


To automatically export files or documents from PaperOffice, it can be easily done via the PaperOffice Mass Export.

So you can export all available documents unencrypted as an original file with the 1-Click mass export and folder structure in create file system.

Analyzing & TaggingStarter
SmartSpell text recognition

The world's most unique SmartSpell text recognition tool extracts the text from just about any file or paper document and creates a full-text search catalog.

Extensive sector-specific dictionaries from many different areas such as medicine, law, business and industry ensure this perfect text recognition. SmartSpell supports more than 160 languages and, of course, all special character sets from Cyrillic to Japanese to Arabic.

SmartSpell text correction

Intelligent SmartSpell text correction automatically learns unrecognized terms after each text recognition and adds them to your personal dictionary.

You can either choose from these suggestions or add your own specific words.

After this learning process, SmartSpell will automatically correct all other text identifiers based on your specifications.

Manage SmartSpell Dictionary

Intelligent SmartSpell text correction learns unrecognized terms after each text recognition and adds them to your personal dictionary.

The administration lists the recognized words as well as the terms marked for replacement. You can also correct it afterwards or add your own specific words.

Notes and tasks administration

Annotations and tags can be placed directly on your documents and files.

In addition, you can assign tasks and schedules to the notes.

Unfinished or already completed tasks can be recorded clearly.

PasswordSafe passwords management

The password manager integrated in PaperOffice manages all passwords stored by you in a highly secure encrypted manner. You can search for them as well as a category can be deposited.

Add an additional expiration date to ensure the security of your passwords from outside.

Document status administration

Documents can be tagged with status states, among which u.a. can be filtered.

Optionally, set a status that the document has, and assign a color in status administration. The document status is highlighted in the document list.

Document Type administration

You want to define your own document types such as invitation, offer, delivery note, for your own research?

No problem, with PaperOffice's built-in document type management, you can not only set your own document types and assign them, but also control custom fields by document type.

Keywords administration

This gives you the option to create your own customized fields and to use them in virtual documents.

You need the input field "customer number"? With just a view clicks they are available for you.

And that also in advanced search and document folder lists. To the fields can be field types assigned and even default values.

Custom fields can be displayed for explicit document types or for all document types.

Original storage management

Here can be predefined, where the original documents and the original files are kept, which are stored in PaperOffice.

These predefined storage places are available in every document, in document properties and tagging via quick selection.

Original storage management allowes you to find important files, reports or certificates in original form in a very short time with just a few clicks.

The scanned original is for quick viewing anytime available in PaperOffice and the original storage location is also visible at all times.

Custom fields management

This gives you the option to create your own customized fields and to use them in virtual documents.

You need the input field "customer number"? With just a view clicks they are available for you.

And that also in advanced search and document folder lists. To the fields can be field types assigned and even default values.

Custom fields can be displayed for explicit document types or for all document types.

Display & CustomizeStarter
Document list

The document list shows all documents that contain one or the other folder or which have been saved under My Documents. It is the central display element in PaperOffice for the collection of documents.

The document list in PaperOffice was designed to give you as much information as possible about the document at a glance.

This way, added notes, tasks or contacts are already highlighted in the document list, which leads to process optimization and guarantees transparency.

Quick actions for the selected document via the context menu maximize the processing speed to an absolute maximum.

Document preview

The document preview is the central element, which always presents a comprehensive preview of the currently selected document.

Clicking on each page displays it as a large preview image.

Furthermore, to the right of the document preview are various possibilities offered by OCR or e.g. call the versioning of the document.

Folder list

The Folder Management allows to create individual folder structures with upper and lower folders.

These various folders can then be visually marked, a note can be deposited, connected with contacts or provided with release levels.

For network-enabled versions, different folder structures are used for an even more personalized work environment.

Document folder

Several documents that belong to a business transaction, such as due to tax reasons, can be connected to a document folder. So all requirements of the german GoBD, formerly GdpdU, are fulfilled. These documents are still stored individually in PaperOffice, but they are interrelated.

This allows you to submit this document folder, either digitally or in paper form, with process information and the required signature, at the request of the reviewer.

Search & FilterStarter
Live quick search

The live keyword search works like a search engine, with which you will quickly find all your documents and files stored in PaperOffice.

In doing so, the live keyword search does not differentiate from the original source medium, but searches through high-performance algorithms for all available information in real time, regardless of whether it is e.g. is a paper document, PDF document, office file or digital photo. Even stored notes, tasks and folder names are searched: You get by enter a simple search word all results, no matter where and how they were saved.

Smart search bar

Have you ever desperately searched for a document on your computer? Annoyed by a hidden and / or unhelpful search function, which hardly offers filter options? Then you already know from your own experience how important an intelligent search and an effective search function are for document management systems.

Database & BackupStarter
Data storage

All folders and subfolders that contain your documents are stored locally in a mySQL database directly at your PC.

MySQL data storage is used for database creation and offers the maximum of what PaperOffice has to offer with its unique performance, capabilities and features. Not just all the files stored in PaperOffice directly encrypted at binary level directly into the mySQL database - no Windows file directory is needed. Thanks to the patented Stealth & Secure technology, no files are visible or findable in the file directory, but are stored with an AES -1024bit encryption secured directly in the mySQL database.

The mySQL database can reside on your local PC, network or NAS drive. In addition, mySQL data storage uses audit-proof versioning, guaranteeing legally compliant and legally compliant storage at absolutely the highest level.
SQL database manager

The PaperOffice database manager fully automatically configures the mySQL database for use with PaperOffice, makes necessary system adjustments and creates all tables and indexes needed for mySQL operation.

This unique mySQL setup is required to enable the Stealth&Secure module, auditable data storage module, versioning module, and encryption module AES1024 encryption.

Revision-proof versioning

The revision-proof version ensures legally and according to law that the original document, which was saved in PaperOffice, can not be changed and is always available.

Once a document is modified, a shadow copy is created and automatically versioned. You can then save notes for this version and jump to versions at any time, just like in a time machine.

The original document will always remain untouched as version 1.0 and can not be changed even with technical aids.

Data backup

It's always annoying when data is lost. Whether it's just a matter of individual documents, or a loss of data on a larger scale. Just in case you need to make a little more provision and run a regular backup of your database.

With the advanced backup features of the PaperOffice archive solution, you can automatically back up and restore your data as needed.

Teamwork & NetworkStarter
User management

Central user administration gives you an overview of all user data and their release levels.

In PaperOffice user management provides numerous functions for managing complex user structures within your network with different rights and assignment of release levels.

You can also create custom groups and determine who has access to what and where. Thus, users who do not conform to the access level can not see the folders or documents.

Network and Teamwork

Networking and teamwork make it easy to work with centrally stored documents and information.

Even assigning and controlling tasks to other users of documents is done in seconds.

In doing so, network control constantly ensures that e.g. Users throughout the network can only see the documents and information they have been authorized to access, and documents can not be opened simultaneously for processing in order to avoid inconsistent data.

Comprehensive tools and tools for network-wide teamwork combined with automatic task history and integrated messaging tools within PaperOffice databases create perfect workflows and provide the ultimate in security and visibility.

Calendar view

The comprehensive PaperOffice calendar view shows you important date-related documents and events at a glance.

You can link any number of documents to events, which then appear directly in the appointment and follow-up administration.

You also support filter settings, task due and task completion, keywords and status.

Contact- and address management

With built-in network-enabled contact and address management, you can associate contacts with your documents.

To be e.g. view all documents that have already been linked to a specific person and get access to important contact information in the document list.

For example, when an incoming invoice is called, the linked contact can be displayed automatically and all other documents available for this contact.

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