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PaperOffice buy license with lifelong validity without follow-up costs
You need a license for each PaperOffice user account
The installation is not limited and can be repeated any number of times.
Multi-User Operation (PaperOffice Team only)
Every program license has one fixed database connection.
PaperOffice user accounts can not log in to the database twice, i. If several users want to log in at the same time, everyone needs their own PaperOffice user account:
1 user account = 1 license, 2 user accounts = 2 licenses, etc.
Free installation support included (PaperOffice Team only)
You can contact our support immediately after the purchase and arrange your individual desired appointment. Our supporters will be happy to help you with the installation and setup of PaperOffice by phone and Teamviewer (1x 30min)
+44 20 393 616 75
Euro per license
  Installation on up to 3 PCs
Local, Server, NAS
Euro per license
  Installation on up to 3 PCs per license, unlimited expandability
Local, Server, NAS
Euro per license

Available from 10 licenses
   Installation unlimited
Local, Server, NAS
 Own cloud server including apps for iOS and Android as well as web client

What is included?
PaperOffice main program (64-bit) for Windows 10
PaperOffice stores all types of files / scans / photos in folders via numerous ways, creates previews, makes text recognition and stores them encrypted in a central database directly on your PC.

Legal and tax-compliant document archiving according to GDPR / GOBD
PaperOffice has audited and tax-compliant document storage and complies with all European legislation and guidelines for the collection, retention and provision of documents.

High-level encrypted document storage with AES-1024
All documents that are stored directly in PaperOffice are highly encrypted with an AES-1024 encryption guaranteed uncrackable and guarantee maximum data security.

MySQL / MariaDB-based high performance database
PaperOffice supports the storage of all documents and information in a single centralized SQL database, which automatically installs and sets up PaperOffice on initial installation.

Supplied proven folder structure and document keywording
To get started right away, all folders for business as well as personal document archiving are already integrated into a sophisticated folder tree. Of course, all folders can be customized.

AI-based document recognition and document processing with PIA
The worldwide unique "PaperOffice Intelligent Automatization", PIA for short, recognizes all added documents in a AI-based manner, learns them according visual and keyword features in and stores them fully automatically.

Complete scanner package "ScanConnect" for all scanner types
The integrated high-performance module supports all types of scanners, the use of QR codes and scanning via app and cloud providers. Includes intelligent page recognition, editing, optimization and much more.

Virtual PaperOffice PDF Printer
Supports the saving of documents in PaperOffice from any popular application by using the "Print to" command. The printer even supports the use of control characters directly in the print job for automatic filing, depending on the edition.

Document storage via drag & drop
Thanks to the PaperOffice integration in your Windows Explorer, your documents can be dragged directly to PaperOffice.

SmartSpell text recognition for scanned and digital documents
All documents added to PaperOffice are fully text recognized through integrated and multilingual OCR text recognition, indexed and logically cataloged. Digital documents are read out directly and added to the catalog.

SmartSpell full-text search with automatic document indexing
Thanks to the integrated SQL-based high-performance search engine, every document and, for example, notes and emails are found in seconds. Search words can be combined "Google-like" to filter the search results ever finer.

Put notes, tasks and settlements on documents
The integrated workflow modules support all functions needed for daily work with documents. From document notes, virtual "post-its" to tasks with deadline monitoring to completion and resubmission - everything is possible.

PaperOffice CRM contact and address management
All the information in a database, thanks to the integrated CRM module, not only visualises all contact data, but also records when what was done through the timeline. From "connect contacts with documents" to own contact fields is almost all possible, including Google Maps integration.

PaperOffice CRM Appointment and Resubmission Management
Documents can be placed directly on resubmission and due date. The daily briefing monitors everything in the background and makes sure you never forget something again. Depending on the edition of course in the entire network for all users.

Automatic backups
The PaperOffice database is optimally protected by fully automatic data protection. The backup intelligently secures the backup for several days and can be restored with just a few mouse clicks.

Extended full-text and keyword search
There are no further wishes: Unique presentation of the search results directly with thumbnails, the most important information as well as direct display of the text passage of the document brings the best full-text search of all time.

Extended search and document filter
Ingenious and customizable filter functions in conjunction with the keyword search generates even the most complex display results. All paid bill of the last month? With this function, this is done with 2 clicks.

Export and email function as well as creation of importable Excel files
Export or send the documents of the display results with one click, support the packing and password protection of documents and even the creation of importable Excel files for e.g. DATEV or SAP

Direct transmission via Microsoft Outlook
All documents can be sent with one click via Outlook, on request even password-protected and compressed. Non-PDF documents can be directly converted to PDF and sent (DOC, XLS, etc.)

Direct email archiving from Microsoft Outlook
With the integrated Outlook add-on, emails can be archived legally complete with or without attachments with just one click. Including full text recognition and automatic contact assignment.

Direct integration into Microsoft Word & Excel
With the add-ons for Word and Excel you can save documents or tables directly in PaperOffice with just one click, edit them directly from PaperOffice and even version them.

WebCapture for the legally secure archiving of web pages
Entire websites, blogs and all web-based information are automatically read in just by simply entering the web address, converted completely into PDF / A and stored in PaperOffice in a legally secure manner.

ScreenCapture for legally compliant archiving of screenshots
Screenshots, either completely or through the integrated coordinate system, only certain areas are captured with lightning speed and saved in PaperOffice.

PasswordSafe for the highly secure storage of passwords
Important passwords, access data or other highly sensitive information can be securely stored with PasswordSafe and PaperOffice's world's highest AES-1024 encryption. Depending on the edition, even network-wide.

Automatic folder monitoring for document import
PaperOffice can monitor any number of Windows folders for new documents and then recognize them, process them with PIA and store them fully automatically and intelligently using defined storage masks without any user action.

Automatic revision-proof Outlook email archiving
This module is identical to Windows folder monitoring, except that instead of Windows folders even entire Outlook folders can be monitored for a legally compliant email archiving.

Document extension "Document entry" incl. VAT ID verification and export in accounting software (DATEV®, etc.)
The document properties are extended by the "Receipt" tab, which contains all relevant fields for document data, such as Document number, debit/credit account and booking texts. The integrated VAT-ID module checks every VAT in real time at European VIES

Document extension "PIA AutoFill" for the automatic AI-based reading of document values without teach-in process
PIA searches every document for document-relevant values from the document number to net / gross / VAT totals to the VAT ID number (with automatic validation) and fills in these document fields fully automatically. PIA AutoFill learns and improves automatically itself the more receipts you save in PaperOffice.

Automatic document storage through variable creation from the document
PIA can specifically recognize and read out certain texts, sums or information from the document text and then use these as freely usable variables for fully automatic keywording and filing.

Automatic duplicate detection
PIA can automatically detect document duplicates intelligently and display a corresponding warning or, if desired, automatically version the document in a legally secure version.

Automatic detection of existing scan documents by PaperOffice QR module
PIA also recognizes paper documents that already exist in PaperOffice and can automatically version them with the new document. This also works with handwritten changes or notes on the paper document.

Manual versioning of scan documents and files
PIA can manually version any document by simply selecting or adding the new version from the disk or scanner. Simply mark and finish the desired target document.

Own custom fields through the PaperOffice FormDesigner
Your own custom fields are added at lightning speed. All fields are integrated directly into PaperOffice, from the presentation via search to reports. You can even create dynamic fields from external sources.

Networkable and central database storage in the network
PaperOffice relocates all processes and monitoring, such as background processing and other background modules, directly to the central database for central administration.

Support for Synology NAS and full integration into the Disk Station Manager (DSM) existing MariaDB5 server
PaperOffice supports out-of-the-box Synology NAS devices and incorporates the Synology MariaDB5 database server perfectly into the PaperOffice database module. PaperOffice is optimized and recommended for use with a NAS.

Supports QNAP NAS and full integration with QNAP QTS existing MariaDB5.5 server
PaperOffice supports out-of-the-box QNAP NAS devices and perfectly integrates the QNAP MariaDB5.5 database server into the PaperOffice database engine. PaperOffice is optimized and recommended for use with a NAS.

Multi-level user administration with individual approval levels
The number of PaperOffice users is not limited. To each user can be assigned personal information, access rights (individual or group), and sharing levels. Folders and documents above the user sharing level are discretely hidden.

All team functions such as tasks, completion and appointments in the network
All of PaperOffice's CRM and team modules access the central PaperOffice database, allowing them to assign tasks to other users, groups and departments. Includes surveillance and reminder functions.

Expandable with API interface for automated import
The integrated PaperOffice API is available for automated import from any application. It supports complete document filing in the background without any user interaction.

Swarm Cluster processing for services and documents on the network
PaperOffice manages all compute-intensive document processing, such as previewing, text recognition and text corrections through the central database and intelligently distributes this work to the connected PCs in the network for a perfect balance.

Support of own database server with MySQL and MariaDB
The PaperOffice Database engine can work with any self-installed MySQL and MariaDB server, no matter if the database server works on Windows or Linux. The version number must be released by PaperOffice.

Supports SQL remote networking over TCP/IP
The PaperOffice Database Module automatically optimizes database traffic (including E-T-E document encryption) as soon as a database server is detected which is not on the local network but is e.g. located in an external data center.

Open database standard and database access for own applications
The PaperOffice database can be accessed at any time and with any application or framework in real time for seamless integration into any infrastructure.

Extensible with custom program and interface customization through PaperOffice customizing
PaperOffice is customized according to customer requirements on the basis of the modular design. Certain functions are needed? Another program interface? PaperOffice Customizing has no limits. Our support will gladly answer your questions.

Extendable with API interface for automated PaperOffice control
To control PaperOffice from other applications, the PaperOffice API supports the targeted access, acceptance and processing of external control commands.

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