PaperOffice Consulting
Perfectly optimized for the use in area
Lawyers & Consulting Services
PaperOffice Consulting is the perfectly adapted and field-proven industry solution including a unique complete package, which includes everything from the analysis and migration of your current working method to installation and commissioning, to introductory training and debriefing.

Full analysis of your current existing infrastructure, the current workflow and determining of the ideal scenario
Detailed individual planning and definition of the ideal reproduction in the PaperOffice Corporate Industry Solution
Installation, configuration and initial operation of PaperOffice at any desired workplace
Reproduction and handover of planning guidelines to PaperOffice including user and rights adjustments
Global adjustment and optimization of the ideal category and archive structures based on the specified planning data
Customization and creation of custom forms and reports for workflow integration
Customization and creation of custom fields and other required optional adjustments
Import and migration of existing documents and data in PaperOffice as well as integration with ERP or WaWi systems
First steps, function explanation, determination of workflows and general introduction to the work with PaperOffice
Detailed debriefing by clarification of questions and answers, technical review and subsequent adjustments
Recommended proven areas of application
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