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PaperOffice Consultingis the perfectly adapted and field-proven industry solution including a unique complete package, which includes everything from the analysis and migration of your current working method to installation and commissioning, to introductory training and debriefing.

Full analysis of your current existing infrastructure, the current workflow and determining of the ideal scenario
Detailed individual planning and definition of the ideal reproduction in the PaperOffice Corporate Industry Solution
Installation, configuration and initial operation of PaperOffice at any desired workplace
Reproduction and handover of planning guidelines to PaperOffice including user and rights adjustments
Global adjustment and optimization of the ideal category and archive structures based on the specified planning data
Customization and creation of custom forms and reports for workflow integration
Customization and creation of custom fields and other required optional adjustments
Import and migration of existing documents and data in PaperOffice as well as integration with ERP or WaWi systems
First steps, function explanation, determination of workflows and general introduction to the work with PaperOffice
Detailed debriefing by clarification of questions and answers, technical review and subsequent adjustments
Recommended proven areas of application
Application area Starter Basic Business Corporate
Product range

Scope of service

Data security

Use in the private sector such as for private documents
Simple tasks such as organization of documents, scanning of paper documents, documents tagging, category management and use of standard text recognition.

Application for easy management of activities such as association activities
Tasks as before, but in addition simple administrative tasks such as allocation of document folder types, 128bit encrypted data storage and utilization of storage tray function.

Use for example in smaller offices, health or insurance agencies
Tasks as before, but with additional medium tasks such as scheduling and resubmission of document folders, managing addresses, deposit of address documents, multiuser operating on the network, 256bit encrypted data storage, advanced search, multiple archives and defining access rights.

Use for example in offices, companies, firms or other companies of any kind
Tasks as before, but in addition difficult tasks such as auditable SQL data storage, versioning, 512bit encrypted data storage with Stealth & Secure, customized form changes with ReportDesigner.
Through the use of SQL databases there is no document or data or user limitation neither technically nor by the database itself. Data access must also take place on the network very quick and highly performant. A high degree of safety is required.

Use as a specialized business solutions
Tasks as before, but PaperOffice must be tailored and can be seamlessly integrated into existing processes or instructions by the FormDesigner and ReportDesigner. Not only new specially defined forms and fields must be provided, but also existing data from ERP systems connected.

Integration and free source code modification by Customizing
Tasks as before, but PaperOffice must be fully modified to all requests by Source Customizing, adapted and tailored. Any kind of source code changes must be made in order to obtain your own individual PaperOffice Edition.

Use in network with up to 25 workstations
All data stored in PaperOffice must be fully available for any user in network.

Use in network with up to 400 workstations
All data stored in PaperOffice must be fully available in network. Here a 100% performance must be ensured at all times, even with a very high number of concurrent users and transactions.

Remote networking with internal or external data storage
Several computers, networks or locations should be available to access completely location-independent to the same data in real time. Here, the central database is stored either internally in your own network or on an external remote data server. On this central data users can access in real-time taking into account the access rights.


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Your personal PaperOffice expert will take care of everything for you

In order that you have time for more important things, an expert on the problems of integration in the industry PaperOffice adopts various tasks for all use PaperOffice, starting with the preparation of requirements and planning through installation and configuration, training and ending with an introduction summarizing.
You will always have one contact person from PaperOffice, which coordinates all the work - regardless of what is needed and how to solve a particular problem.


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Proven and perfect document and folder structures

Our PaperOffice experts analyze and plan together with you how to optimally integrate your industry solution into your existing workflow and employee flow.

By using PaperOffice your current infrastructure as well as your current working method will be optimized to the maximum and all resources will be used efficiently.


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Tailored and high-performance document management

All workstations are optimally equipped with PaperOffice, ready for productive operation immediately and all necessary measures and adjustments, such as The creation of users with access right assignment based on your individual specifications is done by our experts so that you can concentrate fully on the use of PaperOffice.


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Individual and specially adapted registration forms

For the perfect integration into your work processes, custom forms are created on the basis of field-proven procedures and integrated directly into PaperOffice.

By directly storing and storing acquisition data together in the information and document pool, your working method is optimized to a maximum.


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Global adaptation and optimization based on your planning data

All required program specifications are set up directly and specifically for you and already preconfigured. This includes the addition of custom and required custom fields for the individual capture of specific data as well as the modification or addition of already used document colors or symbols.


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Capture existing documents and document optimization

Existing documents can be completely or partially imported into your PaperOffice, tagged and categorized as desired.

Even your own cover pages for your documents can be printed out by the integrated PaperOffice QR Code creation according to your request and released for further use.

Supported platforms, technical requirements and hardware compatibility
Support Recommendations and releases
Operating systems
Released under: Windows® 10 x64 (64bit), Microsoft® Office® 2013-2016. Recommended: Windows® 10 x64 (64bit). The use of different components is possible, but may lead to technical limitations. PaperOffice required for proper operation of local administrator rights. Verify Operating System independent through a test installation if all functions meet your requirements, because due to lack of update / system support can be no official release.
Required: 1280 x 768, Recommended: 1920 x 1080 or more. Mobile devices - Required: 960 x 640, Recommended: 1280 x 720 or more.
Required: 4GB memory, processor performance Intel i5 of the new generation (or equivalent), internet connection (downstream at least 10Mbit, upstream at 1Mbit). Internet connection is not required for productive operation, only for downloading the setup package, creating the user account, database creation and adding the device. Recommended: as before, but 8GB RAM, Intel i7 (or equivalent), installation and database on SSD, internet connection (downstream at least 16 Mbit, upstream synchronous or at least 5 Mbit)
Network (optional)
Required: Standard TCP / IP network 100Mbit. Recommended: Standard TCP / IP network 1Gbit. For RSPS (Secure Personal Server) or server remote networking Server connection with min. 50Mbit synchronous, client connection with min. 20Mbit downstream, 1Mbit upstream.
Required: at least 1GB MB of free space on local database storage. Recommended: Data storage on a NAS device (such as QNAP) with at least 10GB MB of free space.
Printer / Scanner (optional)
For applications purposes with little paper volume: commercial flatbed or sheet-fed scanner using WIA or TWAIN interface, inkjet or laser printer. For applications with medium volume of paper: Powerful feed scanner with ADF (automatic document feeder) with WIA or TWAIN interface, laser printers. For applications with a high volume of paper: Big combo devices such as Konica Minolta BizHub series with WIA or TWAIN interface or Scan2file function.
Each PaperOffice program license (One, One Plus or Team) is valid for one user account, one database and for installation on one PC. To use PaperOffice in the network, NAS or your own server, you need the version PaperOffice Team.
The database server itself does not require a separate license.
PaperOffice can be reinstalled any number of times on the licensed PC.
If you want to work with several databases, you need a separate PaperOffice user account for each database. Otherwise, you can change the database every 96 hours.

PaperOffice as single-user version and local database storage = 1 piece PaperOffice One or One Plus
PaperOffice as a single-user version and database storage on NAS (such as QNAP) = 1 piece PaperOffice Team
PaperOffice in the network on 5 PCs and database storage on NAS (such as QNAP) = 5 pieces of PaperOffice Team
Seek advice
Require presentation
A specially prepared to your questions PaperOffice Consultant will call you back as soon as possible.
A consultant shows you our PaperOffice 2019 optional on your PC or on a pre-configured demo system - conveniently via the internet.
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