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Last updated on 18.06.2019

Problems with the installation

When installing the Office Addons, I get the error message "This application has been blocked by the administrator as it potentially ...

Article ID: #RPOHD23092

If you receive the following error message: "This application has been blocked by the administrator because it potentially poses a security risk to your computer", then your Windows settings are not the recommended standard and should therefore be reset. Microsoft has an appropriate guide at Follow the steps in "Activating the ClickOnce Trust Request." The string value for MyComputer must be Enabled

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Problems with Microsoft Office

Office document or Outlook mails are not submitted

Article ID: #RPOHD23184

1. Quit all Office programs. 2) Start the file C: \ PaperOffice \ bin \ com.paperoffice.addinsetup.application and click on "Unregister" to remove the addins. 3) Run the file again to reinstall the AddIns.

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Error during data import

Trying to import a PaperOffice 2015 database fails

Article ID: #RPOHD23276

If the import fails or the database is detected as incompatible, first try to import a saved copy of the "Data.mdb". You can also try fixing the "data.mdb" with Microsoft Access. Open Data.mdb and choose Repair & Compress. Then save the changes and repeat the process. If you are asked for a password, please use this MDB password: "kF78Y-tRg9".

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Display error

Some fields are not displayed correctly or cropped in paperOffice, buttons are not visible.

Article ID: #RPOHD8096

Check if your Windows resolution is set correctly. The right resolution for the perfect PaperOffice presentation is 100%

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Incompatible anti-virus software

Once Bitdefender is installed, PaperOffice will stop working

Article ID: #RPOHD22540

Yes, this is a known problem, once an older version of Bitdefender is installed, PaperOffice will no longer work.

Bitdefender has created a compatibility with PaperOffice with the latest Bitdefender version, PaperOffice runs with the latest Bitdefender version. If not, contact Bitdefender Support.

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Supported platforms, technical requirements and hardware compatibility
Support Recommendations and releases
Operating systems
Released under: Windows® 10 x64 (64bit), Microsoft® Office® 2013-2016. Recommended: Windows® 10 x64 (64bit). The use of different components is possible, but may lead to technical limitations. PaperOffice required for proper operation of local administrator rights. Verify Operating System independent through a test installation if all functions meet your requirements, because due to lack of update / system support can be no official release.
Required: 1280 x 768, Recommended: 1920 x 1080 or more. Mobile devices - Required: 960 x 640, Recommended: 1280 x 720 or more.
Required: 4GB memory, processor performance Intel i5 (or equivalent), internet connection (downstream at least 10Mbit, upstream at 1Mbit). Recommended: as before, but 8GB RAM, Intel i7 (or equivalent), installation and database on SSD, internet connection (downstream at least 16 Mbit, upstream synchronous or at least 5 Mbit)
Network (optional)
Required: Standard TCP / IP network 100Mbit. Recommended: Standard TCP / IP network 1Gbit. For RSPS (Secure Personal Server) or server remote networking Server connection with min. 50Mbit synchronous, client connection with min. 20Mbit downstream, 1Mbit upstream.
Required: at least 1GB MB of free space. Recommended: at least 10GB MB free disk space.
Printer / Scanner (optional)
For applications purposes with little paper volume: commercial flatbed or sheet-fed scanner using WIA or TWAIN interface, inkjet or laser printer. For applications with medium volume of paper: Powerful feed scanner with ADF (automatic document feeder) with WIA or TWAIN interface, laser printers. For applications with a high volume of paper: Big combo devices such as Konica Minolta BizHub series with WIA or TWAIN interface or Scan2file function.
For single-user use you need PaperOffice One, but if you use more than one user at a time, you need PaperOffice One. Every device on which PaperOffice is installed requires a valid license. PaperOffice can be reinstalled as often as you like. A PaperOffice account can only ever be logged on to the database once. You can disconnect and reconnect a database as often as you like. To work with multiple databases, each database requires a separate PaperOffice account or 96-hour cooldown.
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