Goodbye paper chaos, welcome digital office

Find out what's possible with PaperOffice
Central storage of all documents takes place regardless of the source medium from file up to paper Get organized by categorizing, tagging, place on schedule and providing with contacts
Lightning fast keyword and detailed search for even the smallest information through text recognition of all documents Up to AES-1024 bit encrypted data storage optional on the local PC, NAS drives or server
The introduction takes a few minutes

Terminology at a glance

Explanation of terms: Analog to digital
Your filing room or office room
Database in PaperOffice
Your folder registry
Subcategory in PaperOffice
Your filing cabinet
Archives in PaperOffice
Your stored transparent cover
Document folders in PaperOffice
Your folder
Main category in PaperOffice
Your stored paper documents
Document folder objects in PaperOffice

It is saved together what also belongs together

Virtual document folders
Scanned paper document as PDF

Each document is stored by default in a separate document folder. (=Transparent cover)

Only in this way the document can be labeled without changing the source of the original.

Stored documents and files are called object.

In the document folder other files and documents can be inserted, which belong to the master document, such as

  • Digital photo as a JPG image
  • Card as a Word document
  • Fax transmission report as print
  • Evidence of registered mail
  • Proof of delivery as a PDF
Business card via email as a Word document Digital photo as a JPG image

Folder - Register - Documents

Folders are categories
Document folders, which are part of the same operation, are stored in the same subcategory or are provided with the same transaction number.
Main category in PaperOffice
Document folder name

Vehicle F-RS-2400
Subcategory in PaperOffice
MOT and other documents
Operation number:
Document folder in PaperOffice

Fully automatic document filing

Keyword search through OCR text recognition
Documents and files in document folders are objects. Each object is OCR text recognized to search for keywords and visually displayed through a preview image in the document folder.
Database wide keyword search for
Recognized text
Vehicle status report

Customers' Name
Street address
Telephone number.
Name of the seller
Street address
Vehicle: Year ___ Year of construction __
3 search results found:
Vehicle status report immediately..
Quarterly report for 2018

Deposit of additional Information

Targeted search and filter by indexing
Virtual document folders can be provided with informations and categories, according to what can be specifically searched or filtered subsequently. The visual identification by color or symbol is supported.
Document folder type
Document folder name
Operation number Operation date
Deposited notes Amounts

Flexibility through customization

Integration of your own required storage and search fields
Own specially required fields can be created. These are integrated into the surface and then seamlessly maximize the individual program customization. After these fields can always be searched and filtered.

Shortcuts create transparency

Dates, contacts, completions, passwords and more
And much more: Document folders can be placed on resubmission, can be linked to contacts and provided for workflows with completion options for specific users.
Provide with contacts and explicitly search for them
Deposit storage locations of the original documents
Place on appointment and explicitly search for it Set access rights for each user
Set completion options for users (Workflow)
Protect with password

Everything clearly available at a glance

The proven user interface.
Keyword and advanced search
Preview of contents by FlipView
Central start menu for common tasks
Storage tray for centralized quick recording
OCR text recognition with search function
View by category and 8 other views Document folder list completely customizable

Document folders can be provided with additional information

The document folder surface
Detailed display or as a preview image
Already existing objects
Objects that are in the folder
Link to other objects
Adding via drag & drop
Information, completions, contacts, appointments and more
Import new objects

My first document folder: Step 1 of 3

Select "Scan paper documents"
Create new document folder and open ScanConnect

My first document folder: step 2 of 3

Scan the document and store the document folder
4. Rename optional the new document
1. Select your scanner
3. Preview of the scanned document
2. Start the scanning process
5. Save the document

My first document folder: Step 3 of 3

Finished! The document folder newly created is now displayed.
Name of the new document folder
Text recognition after completion
Preview of the scanned document
The new document folder
Identification of the new scan document

Start now the operation called "Organization"

And by this way you get the best start:
1. Accept your current storage locations:
Create a new database (= office).
Divide the database in archives (=Filing cabinets).
2. Set up your archives as they already exist:
Create in category management main categories (=Folder)
Then add subcategories (=Folder register)
3. Make the PaperOffice basic settings:
Create for that possible document folder types (such as invoice, contract, ...). Deposit addresses to assign them later to the document folders. Add custom fields (such as customer number,...)
4. Begin to import now your documents:
Use for this quick commands such as F5 (New documen folder and scan), the virtual printer, your mobile phone, context menu in Windows Explorer, storage tray or ExplorerConnect. Tip: Most important things can be already established in the Exchange Dialog.

The introduction can be found any time under "Help> Show Introduction"

You have completed the Introduction.
Well done!