The innovative document management system (DMS) with a private cloud solution for the digital office:

The innovative document management system (DMS) with a private cloud solution for the digital office:

Creation of an ultimate document server with QNAP and PaperOffice

Combination of QNAP NAS and PaperOffice enables secure storage solution for your documents and data that inspires you.

All documents in a central database

All documents and information are protected and encrypted in a single central MySQL database stored directly on your QNAP, which is set up automatically by PaperOffice.

No cloud

No cloud solution and no internet connection required

Data protection in perfection: PaperOffice is one locally installed application, does not require an internet connection and stores all documents in your QNAP MySQL database.

The ultimate solution for the paperless office

PaperOffice offers everything you need for your paperless office. Manage your documents in a unique way and access all kinds of information at lightning speed. Everything is available everywhere and your data remains securely encrypted in your PaperOffice.

The best program to manage all documents

PaperOffice records all types of files/scans/photo/office in various ways (direct import from the file system, virtual printer, scanner, ...) into folders, creates previews, carries out text recognition and saves them directly in an encrypted form in a central database your PC.


Find everything with lightning speed

There are no further requests: Clear presentation of the search results directly with thumbnails, the most important information and direct display of the text passage of the document brings the best full-text search ever.


AI-based automatic storage

PaperOffice recognizes all added documents on an AI basis, learns them in, using visual characteristics and keywords and saves them fully automatically.


Complete tasks and notes effectively in a team

The integrated workflow modules support all functions that are required for daily work with documents. From document notes, virtual “post-its” to tasks with deadline monitoring to completion and resubmission - everything is possible.


GOBD and GDPR compliant thanks to revision-proof SQL database

PaperOffice has certified and tax-compliant document storage and complies with all European laws and guidelines for the collection, storage and provision of documents.

QNAP - The optimal storage solution for PaperOffice

Due to the architecture of PaperOffice*, the combination with a NAS device is the perfect final solution for a complete document management in the digital office.

QNAP offers a wide range of NAS models that work seamlessly with PaperOffice.

QNAP ist eine komfortable Lösung und für den Betrieb rund um die Uhr ausgelegt. QNAP unterstützt Ihr PaperOffice bei der Bereitstellung aller Dokumente und zugehöriger Informationen für alle Netzwerkbenutzer und für die OwnCloud-Technologie von unterwegs.

* PaperOffice is specially designed for modern PC systems with Windows 10 64bit. A Core i5 of the current generation or higher is recommended. To scan paper documents, it is recommended that you have a multifunction machine, or better, a document feeder scanner.

Protect your documents with robust storage security

Losing data is never fun, and if you've ever had a hard drive crash, you may have experienced it firsthand. QNAP offers comprehensive data security solutions.

Protect Against Hard Drive Failure

The RAID redundancy prevents document data loss in the event of a drive failure. With RAID you dedicate a number of drives to redundancy, so you can replace a failed drive without any data loss.


Protect Against Ransomware

QNAP supports snapshots, enabling you to backup data at a particular time period so data can be rolled back in the event of unwanted changes, such as ransomware attacks or accidental deletion.


Protect Against Theft or Other Unforeseen Disasters with Offsite Backups

Offsite backups offer an extra layer of security in the creation of a comprehensive safe storage solution. QNAP’s Hybrid Backup Sync provides easy offsite backups to the public cloud or to a second NAS in a different location.

Efficient and effective


Multifunctional media server

QNAP NAS is the perfect solution for your photos, videos, and home multimedia. In addition to PaperOffice, QNAP offers multiple media applications, such as Plex, Photo Station, Video Station and more. Use mobile apps to access media files with your phone or tablet. You can authorize media content access to multiple users. With feature rich media applications, and a wide variety of connection options, such as Roku, Apple TV, Chromecast, Fire TV, DLNA, QNAP is your all-in-one media center.


QNAP brings the most out of your NAS

QNAP NAS models are not just equipped with powerful CPUs, but also have the capacity to create multiple RAID groups, and implement caching and tiering [Qtier*] technology. This allows you to create an HDD/SSD hybrid storage solution to facilitate massive storage capacity, groundbreaking performance, and cost efficient. Additionally, QNAP’s new storage tool Qboost can remove junk files, free up memory, and schedule apps enable your NAS to run efficiently.

* QNAP recommends using M.2 SSD with QM2 cards to optimize drive capacity in standard drive bays for certain NAS models that have PCIe expansion slots.

Your complete PaperOffice setup

Setting up PaperOffice with your QNAP NAS is seamless and easy. Here is the ideal solution to give you an idea of how you can implement the digital office:

Prepare your QNAP NAS

Configure the MySQL 5.5 database server built into QNAP NAS and add a user for PaperOffice.


Download and install PaperOffice

Click here to download the PaperOffice Windows installer and follow the setup wizard, and when this is done, start PaperOffice.

QNAP Database

Connect PaperOffice to the QNAP database

Create a user account, click “Continue” and follow the database wizard to connect to your QNAP. Done!

Set up QNAP NAS for PaperOffice

What is PaperOffice DMS?

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    Support for single and multi users
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    Automatic QNAP connection for storage selection
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    Automatic and fast QNAP setup
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    Integrated learning program
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    Supporting all scanners
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    Everything at a glance
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    Working together in a team and assigning tasks
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    Search. Filter. Export. Send
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    Direct integration in Office 365
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