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The PaperOffice HelpDesk is the collected knowledge base for PaperOffice and provides around-the-clock technical assistance, questions and related answers. The basic idea behind this is that questions and solutions are made accessible to all users. If you miss something specific in HelpDesk, the entire PaperOffice team will be happy to hear your proposals.
The PaperOffice HelpDesk DOES NOT replace specific IT knowledge, such as: the operation of SQL databases. For complex tasks or technical questions, you should contact PaperOffice Support or your IT partner if in doubt. All information in HelpDesk is given without guarantee and does not replace IT-technical advice and execution.
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Last updated on 18.11.2019

General questions about PaperOffice


Import emails directly from Outlook

Article ID: #RPOHD3864

The version PaperOffice 2014 Stealth supports the direct import of email from Outlook 2007 and 2010 supported (2003 not officially).

Not only the email is imported directly into PaperOffice, but also all existing email attachments are automatically extracted, imported as individual objects into the document folder and tagged for full-text search.

To transfer one or more emails directly from Outlook, highlight it and click on the button "PaperOffice":

After the transfer the complete document folders are available in your PaperOffice clipboard.

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The submit button "PaperOffice" is missing in Outlook, Word or Excel

Article ID: #RPOHD3956

Please note that the submission button "Submit to PaperOffice" is only available in Outlook, Word or Excel for the current PaperOffice 2019 version.
If the Office add-ins were not installed or removed by Windows, you can reinstall them as follows:
1. Close Outlook, Word and Excel. Also make sure that no hidden Office process is active (Task Manager)
2. Run the following file: C: /PaperOffice/bin/com.paperoffice.addinsetup.application
3. Click on "Register"
4. After successful registration start Outlook and check if the transfer button is available.

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Operation and handling

License model


Problem solutions

Update and Support Package (USP)


Supported platforms, technical requirements and hardware compatibility
Support Recommendations and releases
Operating systems
Released under: Windows® 10 x64 (64bit), Microsoft® Office® 2013-2016, Microsoft® Office® 365. Recommended: Windows® 10 x64 (64bit). The use of different components is possible, but may lead to technical limitations. PaperOffice required for proper operation of local administrator rights. Verify Operating System independent through a test installation if all functions meet your requirements, because due to lack of update / system support can be no official release.
Required: 1280 x 768, Recommended: 1920 x 1080 or more. Mobile devices - Required: 960 x 640, Recommended: 1280 x 720 or more.
Required: 4GB memory, processor performance Intel i5 of the new generation (or equivalent), internet connection (downstream at least 10Mbit, upstream at 1Mbit). Internet connection is not required for productive operation, only for downloading the setup package, creating the user account, database creation and adding the device. Recommended: as before, but 8GB RAM, Intel i7 (or equivalent), installation and database on SSD, internet connection (downstream at least 16 Mbit, upstream synchronous or at least 5 Mbit)
Network (optional)
Required: Standard TCP / IP network 100Mbit. Recommended: Standard TCP / IP network 1Gbit. For RSPS (Secure Personal Server) or server remote networking Server connection with min. 50Mbit synchronous, client connection with min. 20Mbit downstream, 1Mbit upstream.
Required: at least 1GB MB of free space on local database storage. Recommended: Data storage on a NAS device (such as QNAP) with at least 10GB MB of free space.
Printer / Scanner (optional)
For applications purposes with little paper volume: commercial flatbed or sheet-fed scanner using WIA or TWAIN interface, inkjet or laser printer. For applications with medium volume of paper: Powerful feed scanner with ADF (automatic document feeder) with WIA or TWAIN interface, laser printers. For applications with a high volume of paper: Big combo devices such as Konica Minolta BizHub series with WIA or TWAIN interface or Scan2file function.
PaperOffice One and One Plus program licenses are valid for one user account, one database, and installation on a single PC.
To use PaperOffice in the network, NAS or your own server, you need the version PaperOffice Team.
The database server itself does not need its own license.
PaperOffice can be reinstalled any number of times on the licensed PC.
If you want to work with several databases, you need a separate PaperOffice user account for each database. Otherwise, you can change the database every 96 hours. A PaperOffice Team license allows installation on up to 3 PCs, but only 1 user account. For the installation on more than 3 PCs or for the simultaneous work of several users in the network, you will need one PaperOffice Team license per user account.
PaperOffice as single-user version and local database storage = 1 license PaperOffice One or One Plus
PaperOffice with installation on up to 3 PCs and 1 user account as well as database storage on NAS (such as QNAP) = 1 license PaperOffice Team
PaperOffice in the network and database storage on NAS (such as QNAP) with 5 user accounts = 5 pieces of PaperOffice Team
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